Bed Lamp

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The Bed Lamp (#8151A-0C010) is a fundamental electrical auto part within the Work Lamp system, providing crucial illumination inside the vehicle's bed area. It is activated via a switch, either manually or automatically, illuminating the surroundings to facilitate various tasks such as loading or unloading cargo during dark hours. Moreover, this part requires regular replacement to maintain consistent brightness. If neglected, an old or non-functional Bed Lamp (#8151A-0C010) can significantly reduce visibility, potentially leading to accidents or damage to cargo. Toyota's genuine Bed Lamp (#8151A-0C010)s, constructed to the company's exacting standards, offer compatibility with Toyota vehicles, and are sustained by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The effective operation of the Bed Lamp (#8151A-0C010) not only enhances the convenience of using the vehicle but also heightens safety, making it an indispensable component within the vehicle's Work Lamp system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 8151A-0C010

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